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Amature Granny

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March 09 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 10:57 ]
He has risen, has taken for foots and has gone after the old woman. Has closed eyes, listening to splash of water. Also the dead silence was suddenly established. I do not wish to look, she thought, I do not wish to see. But has opened eyes. Also has seen in twilight behind a column his back and the internal side of the left foot from a shin upwards almost up to a groin. The hand of the wet nurse with veins laid on his knee. He was covered with hasty movement hollow a raincoat.
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March 08 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 05:45 ]
But suddenly Immortal in will give other answer, rather than what female lips give, female heart in Itaka? She has suddenly felt, as pigs. - At support of common sense the answer and in Itaka can announce, - she has told. - it is subject. He can announce the sensible answer and through female lips, and even through female heart. - Whether for a long time you have come to this idea about the Telemove, madam? - he from has politely asked. - Is not present, no, you should not count my words as a question. If want, count their muffled , the sounds which have not clothed words.
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March 04 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 09:12 ]
Whether he should come back home secretly or openly. Whether he should tell the the spouse: " The Wife washing, my dear the spouse, I have returned. I long was absent, long wandered. I could not return earlier. But I have come back home not the beggar ". Silence - and up to her the sense of his words slowly reached. - Or? - she has asked. - Or he should be silently, at night, to sit in darkness, to have a look that trembles on light, and all over again all to weigh. Silence - and she tried to understand and imagine all this. - He. - she has begun and has ceased. - He knows, that here happens, - he has told. * She has has taken possession herself, has thought: I should make a choice, now, immediately, - and have chosen. - The kindest, - she has told, - I do not trust you. - Yes, madam, - he has told, - you do not trust.
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March 02 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 11:36 ]
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In dim light the beard cast silver and copper. He has taken low for foots and villages is closer, but the shadow of a column fell on his face. - I heard, you can something inform on my spouse? She has been made strongly up, earlier she so was not painted, he has thought. And , features of steel , the breast above, more magnificently, is wider than a hip. Hair shone and smelt sweet, all of them still were dense. Became heavier, how as far as he could judge on several steps which she has made. She has been dressed elegantly, as young, is him.
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Posted by grannywhores  [ 06:54 ]
Tomorrow them, generally, will gather not so much. Twenty four persons today have left. If weather will be bad, the majority local there will be houses. - Have a rest as follows, my boy, - has told he to the Son. - soon it is necessary to me conversation with your mother. The son has has taken place through dark , the father has heard his steps in , any door has opened, has then slammed - the Son has left in the bedroom. Come back home has remained in a gloom, in twilight.
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Posted by grannywhores  [ 03:48 ]
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Also has tested thus any pleasure - pleasure because, that you remove people out of operation force, you confirm above them the authority. After this skirmish him have let alone. He has sat a little on a bench in a courtyard, was then then took place up to an external gate. For a gate have have taken out , he was dead. The wanderer not often recollected this. Called his Argos. The wanderer remembered, that there was in the house a puppy, but did not know, whether to that puppy now twenty, or it was already another. He has had time to talk to the son - they with each other before the Telemove has left to sleep. - I am burnt with impatience, - the Telemove has told.
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February 26 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 15:54 ]
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From him it is not so much goat, how many goats, no, however, and a goat too. Hands long, strong, shoulders wide, it was visible even that he was bent. Foots two mighty, though at the moment reminded shaky columns. Hair - a shaggy, black brush, a skin swarty. - I considered and reflected, Madam, - he has told. - I the man. She waited. - I the man though where, - have told he, having smiled to a curve lost, an asking smile. - I the man in juice, is the not most worse than the others. She waited.
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February 23 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 09:21 ]
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By the way, and the film comes to an end. - Oh, mum, you already has made some hundreds pictures! - Guy has smiled. - Give to her pleasure, - he has whispered. - she for the sake of us has arrived here, and some more pictures will not kill us. The sun drooped. Photos in a garden, at the altar covered by flowers, with each conceivable person, including waiters and the driver of the boat which has glanced here have already been made to wish good luck to a newly-married couple. Visitors had fun in a garden where rum punch and a champagne flew the river. - Should admit, your dress has appeared very successful, - mother Klodii, probably, in 100-th time has told. The dress of simple breed, without shoulder straps, was from rustling cream silk with a magnificent skirt up to.
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Posted by grannywhores  [ 03:36 ]
Later we should go again to the airport to meet my parents and. He should lead to a taxi of midday. - Anything, - has calmed her. - When they should something organize, they feel useful. And it is necessary to us forces, that tomorrow in full shine so that our mothers have shed a few tears, being pleased for us. And if we have started talking about mothers, that, it seems to me, his mother should you like. However, it is not of great importance, as she lives in Boston and there will be hardly probable each five minutes and to teach you, how to prepare for fried eggs. To big simplification , mother Guy at once has liked her.
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February 19 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 16:48 ]
Still it seemed to me strange, that you with such discuss a similar question. Has sniffed. - And it seemed to me, that we have perfectly played a stage. The idea with a surprise for you partly belongs to me. As I knew, that you go from wit across Hamilton, and he is obvious without wit from you, I have told to him, that you adore surprises and that from this such surprise, what light yet can turn out. To put it briefly, any of us has not found any defects in this invention. But that the true surprise has turned out, all were recommended to be silent about this about one today. - Guy has told to me, - has noded at which has intercepted a throat.
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February 18 2010
Posted by grannywhores  [ 12:33 ]
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Guy walked from a corner in it is necessary for a room, rumpling hair. In him have appeared suffering. - I, probably, have gone mad. All over again it seemed to me, that there will be no problems, but, probably, I too accepted much as by itself understood. My God, I at all have not asked you! But you do not worry, it is not obligatory to us to make it, I can tell everything, that all is cancelled. And if you will tell, that I was removed to all , I shall understand you. The god knows, that you could think after my yesterday's act : I, should be, have absolutely gone balmy, if have thought, that you will want : Guy confusedly muttered about something else, and with surprise nothing looked at him, understanding. - What shall I want? - hardly breathing, she has asked. Face Guy expressed almost comic despair. Is a unprecedented impudence for my part : I do not know even, that on me has found.
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